Using An Absorbent Product? Don’t Forget Your Spill Control Tools!

At SpillFix we believe in using products that meet several important criteria. In our view, an absorbent product must be non-hazardous to worker’s health, must be environmentally friendly, and must provide a fast-response solution for a range of potential spills in the work setting.

We’ve designed our SpillFix absorbent product specifically to meet those needs and ensure that any workers using it can clean up a range of oils, solvents and other fluids. However, our absorbent product is just the beginning when it comes to spill safety.

When dealing with a spill, two main steps must be taken no matter what the spilled substance in question may be. We’ve often spoken about spill clean-up, which is the second step workers must take when addressing a spill. But before a spill can be properly cleaned, a spill must be contained by using a range of spill control strategies and products.

Spill containment, or spill control, allows employees to effectively use absorbent products such as SpillFix in a safe, productive, and controlled environment. Without containment and control, the absorbent product just won’t work as effectively.

There are currently a range of spill control products available that allow workers to properly contain a spill before they begin using an absorbent product. Most control products fall into one of three major categories.

  • Drain covers – Spilled substances are not just dangerous within the work environment; often the materials we work with can pose a hazard to local communities and the environment if they leak out of a worksite. Drain covers prevent any toxic waste or hazardous materials from entering the sewer or storm drain systems. Available in a wide range of sizes and made from a variety of products, drain covers belong in any spill control arsenal.
  • Drain plugs – Got an open drain around your work site? Drain plugs stop contaminants from entering a drain and creating problems through public drain pipes. Just like drain covers, plugs can be bought in a wide range of sizes.
  • Spill containment products – You can’t clean a spill as long as it’s ongoing. When machinery malfunctions or massive amounts of liquid begin to leak no amount of absorbent product in the world will stop the spill from spreading. That’s where containment products come in. These products ensure that leaking machinery does not create a catastrophe at work by containing a spill within a locked off area. Spill containment dikes, berms and booms offer a range of containment options in varying sizes, shapes, and flexibility, ensuring that you’re equipped to handle any spill scenario.

There is, however, a fourth product category to consider when addressing spill containment and control:

  • Safety accessories for your containment tools – Why stock up on safety equipment only to risk damaging that equipment? Safety accessories for your containment tools, such as carrying case, wall mounts, and protective covers, will ensure that your spill control products work properly when you really need them.

No one knows better than us that spill response teams need to act fast in the event of a spill. With the appropriate control and cleanup supplies on hand, no work accident needs to become a public safety hazard.


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